2017 Woods Bay Phrag Fighters keep at it

Woods Bay Phrag Fighters

4 great news pieces for Woods Bay Phrag Fighters this year, and then, some things to work on for 2018:

  1. The stands we tackled last year were markedly reduced!
  2. On municipal roadsides, the Township of the Archipelago has been treating and testing various control options for Phragmites on the side of roads
  3. The stands in Woods Bay proper – of the 4, 1 completely gone. On the rest..
  4. 3 stands were addressed this year by a small group of volunteers because the stands were much, much reduced from last year. The most challenging involved some of us either waist-high or swimming in the water to get to Phrag and moving in between other marsh plants which were left.  Volunteers included: Cadi, Urs, Sloan, Reece, Myrna and her daughter and grandson,  Heather, and Isabelle’s son.

Thanks to everyone for your years of work. We are winning against this plant in Woods…

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